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by Mindless Faith

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To plant a seed In poisoned ground and watch it grow A desperate tree Needs succor that cannot be found Nothing can eat What fruit it bares, still not allowed Some truths they teach Curse us to these empty sounds Like a moth without a moon To drop a line With jagged hook into a worm As sacrifice So far from grace to be no more An absent light Bereft of form, a thing unborn Through depths of night And swarms of artificial lures To break a will By mixing hope with lashing ropes Force bitter pills Enough to choke, washed down with soap Like a moth without a moon
Breeding Ground The claws are out The howling starts It’s all the way down ‘Til bleeding hearts Are ripped apart Breeding Ground Breeding Ground A writhing pit Of flesh and heat It all comes down Smeared and stained (Just) Sacks of meat Breeding Ground Wretched souls With fevered dreams On the prowl Acerbic smiles And gnashing teeth
See the world in grey Ash rains on birds of prey Monochrome Cities crumble and bridges fall Hide inside growing walls Monochrome Not unlike dark ages past Ancient pain built to last Monochrome All the pleasure sucked away By your monochromatic reality Same old battle we've always fought You just keep on feeding from the trough Bright eyes turned dull and hazed May flowers turned to stains Monochrome Walk down a primrose path Those blue skies ain't coming back Monochrome Swollen throats and ringing ears Retreating life, advancing years Monochrome Lead bullets, dulling brass Boots cracking shards of glass Monochrome All the pleasure sucked away By your monochromatic reality Same old battle we've always fought You just keep on feeding from the trough
Howl 02:35
I saw the best minds of my own generation Tangle themselves in a wasted web And they spent the rest of their days just twitching Until the queen came along and bit off their heads Is there anywhere left to go? Is there any more time to live? Have you anything more to give? Love, love? Is there any more life than this?
Overkill 05:40
Oxygen warmer than water Nourishment brighter than light Activity feeling like affliction An apple begging for a bite Overkill all I need Fresh feathers and falling leaves Intentions that I misread Hand to mouth, word and deed Saccharine stains on sheets Cold glances across rotting meats Overkill all I need Burning crops, sowing seeds Overkill all I get The one writhing in the net Fun games to follow next Lost love, mistaken sex Quick gasp, masturbated minds Long sighs, unregretted lies Overkill all I need A cage that I cannot leave Overkill all I raise A lamb that cannot be saved Sunshine onto heavy shades Young shoots under cutting blades Stretched pupils on beating hearts Quiet calm ‘fore the killing starts Overkill all I need Needle deep, watch it bleed
You’re not you anymore You were never even close To you alone Becoming something else Never even close To your imagined self You’re not you anymore So dance to the slaughterhouse Like the rest of the herd
Beasts 04:42
An egg in the chamber A sperm in the gun Mixing the batter For murders to come It’s clear to the insects That you are just one A drone or a worker To eat when they’re done It’s known through the kingdom One in the least Low on the food chain Disposable beasts A cell sub-dividing A spark in the gut Crimes of the father The hopes of the son It’s clear to the reptiles That wait in the dark The fire is dimming The meal ‘bout to start
Bait 03:11
You want to play Slip through the net You’re much bolder now But you start to forget Wanting to win You're getting so far The cheese and the trap And the snap of the bar Without mercy Sentenced by your peers Deaf to repents And blind to your tears Grim disappointment Abandon the mass Ready-set-shot Thrown out with the trash One less in the game One less in the game...
Maggots 03:33
Maggots feeding on the carcass of the body politic, the body politic, yeah Maggots filling up the screens, with their fabrications and hypocrisies Salt of the Earth are licked, to a point they are convinced To obfuscate the future with a pompous thin-skinned fucktard narcissist Maggots slavering when it's rancid, it all goes acrid, and sociopathic Maggots still making excuses for their autocrat’s abuses Crying they’re victimized, while they push the facts aside The New Nixon dispersing hope with many scapegoats, many scapegoats M-A-G-A Our very own Il Duce Leads the way To renew America With some old-fashioned fascism Maggots spreading as we hollow out Supreme Court too old to stand and shout, yeah The New Nixon waving the flag, A populist rag, there’s no right to brag, yeah An apprentice taking the fall Better believe the high fool made the call A maggot-mouthful for a swan song Check for feeling, but the feeling’s gone
Detritus 01:07
Bugs stick to you After they’re dead, I mean They always stick You can fish a bug out of your drink A drowned, soaking wet bug And it sticks to you Most things get slippy wet But not bugs You can’t shake them off Or flick them off You try to flick one off But it’s stays on your fingernail A tiny dead thing stuck to you I bet that’s how Mother Earth feels Like she’s got all these bugs stuck to her All dead Splattered to her by our own devices As well as some of her’s We’re bugs lying rotting or Floating face down in a big glass of water I bet she’d rather shake all us off into space The ones buried inside her clothes And the dead ones stuck to her skin
An imago emerges at last Chrysalis shaped, fed on the past Stretching its wings, ready for flight One more life in permanent night Take to the air, luminescent display Crackle volatiles in abdomen’s cage Search for a mate, chases begin War of all rivals, in darkness of things Fall back to Earth, victor and spoils Larvae to spread, decay in soil Stretching its wings, ready to die One less life in permanent night In permanent night In permanent night


An album of insidious rhythms, primal mentality, and searing allegories. Loosely defined as 'Industrial' music, made less for the dancefloor and more for the darker corners of the room.


released October 10, 2019

All songs written and produced by Jason Sevanick, in conjunction with Paul Green, Rick Furr, and Chris Sevanick. Lyrics by Paul Green and/or Jason Sevanick. Mixing and mastering by Jason and Chris Sevanick.

Guest collaborations from vocalists Monica Durant (Moth without a Moon and Overkill), Tyler Wolosin (Breeding Ground and You’re Not You Anymore), :3lon (Howl), Kim Dylla (Beasts), Dave Taylor (Detritus), and drummer Eric Surratt (Moth without a Moon and Monochrome).

For full lyrics and song credits, check individuals tracks or visit www.mindlessfaith.com

Graphic design by Jason Sevanick, with album cover design by
Jason Sevanick, Paul Green, Rob Copeland, Chris Sevanick, and Valentine.


all rights reserved



AlterCulture Records Washington, D.C.

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