Medication for the Misinformed

by Mindless Faith

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Gabriel Abney
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Gabriel Abney Call me a convert! This album is just killer. If I had to make a comparison I might say KMFDM meets Skinny Puppy, or Numb but I don't know if comparisons do these guys justice. Raw and engaging. It's really well-crafted, well-produced, noisy-as-hell yet with some surprisingly moving melodies and progressions. Favorite track: The Dust of Centuries.
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In the shadows of Washington DC and its criminal regime, Mindless Faith returns with Medication for the Misinformed - a lethal dose of dark electronics and industrial anthems, laced with heavy beats and charged vocals. After years of war and campaigns of misinformation, it is still politics as usual in the "land of the free". The media is still for sale and the citizen-consumers are still prey to the trappings of pop opiate of the masses who don't even realize they're addicts. But the images on the screen are only a placebo, if not a poison.

Against this mindless status quo, Medication for the Misinformed is a musical shot in the arm and a socially-provocative slap in the face. says the sound is "all power, fury, and drive," even when elements of world music, ambient, and trance are fused into the industrial-strength mix of noise, distorted synths, and abrasive guitars. To the extent that such diversity crossed into schizophrenia on previous releases, Mindless Faith have worked these different elements into a cohesive framework and trademark sound on Medication for the Misinformed. Reviews are starting to come in, especially in the German magazines where Medication for the Misinformed has been called "a varied and thrilling piece of work which you should listen through from beginning to end" (Zillo) and "a perfect mix of power and atmospheric tightness and the most impressive Electro-Industrial import in years.” (Negatief)

"Album of the Month"
"An extremely diverse affair with an apocalyptic flair. 'Medication For The Misinformed" is a well-produced, varied and captivating work, which can and should be listened to from start to finish. A must-buy for fans of electro-guitar crossover." - Zillo Magazine

"Newcomer of the Month"
"... the Americans thoroughly dust off the coffer of electro and present with their latest work not the usual fare but a pile of multi-faceted compositions that will get many an electro fan's blood pumping." - Orkus Magazine

"Beautiful, forbiddingly menacing and nasty. Catchy and cross-grained. This release finds the US trio playing with the full range of musical expression. A candid style and an acute sense for how to craft a song from a conglomeration of sound makes 'Medication For The Misinformed'
an outstanding album. 9/10" - Gothic Magazine

"... hard, icey, and deeply cynical lyrics, packaged in cutting edge, invidious industrial. 'Medication For The Misinformed' is an excellent work, hard, intelligent, and enthralling in typical American Industrial style, and one which is sure to win the hearts of the fans." -

" is a band clearly on their way to the top. If this album isn't a massive hit with the hard electro crowd, the end is truly nigh." -

"THE modern sound of Elektro/Industrial-Crossover! The new album rocks!" -


released October 16, 2007

Recorded between January 2005 and September 2007 in Washington DC, Brooklyn NY, and Baltimore MD. Written, produced, mixed and mastered by Jason and Chris Sevanick. Additional mixing on Darkhall by Brent Kolatalo. Kim Dylla appears courtesy of Thismeansyou.

CD artwork and design by Chris and Jason Sevanick. Concrete interior and graphic assistance by Valentine. Screens and debris by IndustriArts. Band photos by Dirk Eusterbrock and Angel Morales. Gauge photo by Tamas Tuboly (

A very special thanks goes to the following (in no particular order):

Stefan Herwig and Dependent Records, Metropolis Records; Peter Sotos; Derek Sivers-CDBaby; Chris Kristof; Ryan Speth; Paul Green; Bunim-Murray/MTV; SomaFM; DJ Ras DNA and the Deep6 Prod crew; DJ Lee; Corey Appleby; Ki Hartwick; Side-Line; Mike V @ Hidden Sanctuary; IPM Radio; TommyT-DSBP; Daskreestof; Alex Asselin; Monica Robles; DJ Coppertop; Kangal; Chris Flam-Mindswerve; DJ Hellraver; DJ Ian Ford; Jim Semonik (Hiem); Paul & Karla; ContemptNY, DJ Pierrorist and Carmen Brady; Brent; DJ Mythadrall; DJ Xian; DJ Spider; Larry Bradby; Angel Morales; Yluko; Hypofixx; Joker; Val; Lisa P; Punketta; Branden Snavely; Chris and Shara Foldi; Brian and Cassie; DJ Neska; Aaron Edmunds; Billy; Sam Murray; Vivien Weimar; Gabe Shaw; Psymbiotic; Cryoflesh; Hot Picks; Medic; Branden; Joe; all the fans who have supported us over the years; and all the cool people we’ve met along the way --- in loving memory of Kai Sevanick.



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Track Name: Bound
there's always a cage in search of a bird
we're chained
bound by a choice, betrayed by our words
we're framed
like rats in a lab, behave for rewards
we're trained
and your thumb's up your ass
as you wait for a change

i'm sick of things the way they are

our longings and assumptions
become our leashes

there is a cage around your mind,
around my heart, but we still deny
a sinking ship, an albatross
bound together in a paradise lost

we always get close but we can't
or won't understand
we're drained
with stars around our heads
and blood on our hands
we're stained
we could be more but
we'd rather pretend
a sick game
get close but we can't...

when the mercury's rising
and the sky is falling
and your tv has drowned out
a world that's calling
don't try to tell me
you cannot, you will not,
you won't see it coming
it's too late
i'm sorry will all mean nothing
Track Name: The Dust of Centuries
they've done it for some gold
we've done it for petrol
they'll do it for your souls
'cause the monkey with the beard said so

beneath the dust of centuries
lie parliaments and majesties
and everything and nothing
is it in our blood? or in books we read?
in narrow bands of light we see?
still trying to find an essence

there's a signal in the noise
that's created and destroyed
there's a dust we can't avoid
the scavengers will claim the spoils

is this what they wanted?
are we the dream?
is this the foreseen dystopia?
is a paradise buried
beneath the centuries?
we're always somewhere in between
Track Name: A Blind Spot in Every Eye
everyone I know is holding a grudge
there's too few ears, there's too many tongues
and there's a blind spot in every eye
it's not just you and me, it's not the first time

out of sight
you're out of your mind
still trying to see
don't realize you're blind

in every eye...

seeing for yourself
it's just a fraction, only a fraction
we've made a maze from those narrow waves
now we're stuck in delerium

in every eye...
Track Name: Red Lines
the catalyst that we can't talk about
when our eyes turn to glass
and the walls start to come down
one night on the floor
one night against the wall
everytime tracking the cracks in my skull

we've spun on red lines
we start at the end
we've dropped down red lines
and we held our breath

everything gets deranged now
but i'm still trying to become the change
you can't stop what has begun
with the radio, acid, and a gun
Track Name: I'm Pretty Much Fucked
scar me with your loveless hands
consume me with your shameless want
dig your claws into my flesh
now i know you're having fun
you should have known that i'd bite back
did you think that i forgot?
i don't know how you call that love
i don't think that i can stop

i'm pretty much fucked

your taste, your smell, your love
you had to rub it in my face
twist all that i said
exploit my weaknesses
but now you'll have to pay
Track Name: Darkhall
things are getting slippery
things are getting kinda crazy
maybe it's all in my head
maybe it's just the way you make me feel

even after all these years
the only thing that keeps me here
is gravity and fragments of reality
i thought were real
and even when we die, there's nothing new
we just don't move, don't need to breathe
we'll leave long shadows
until we come back to bleed

'cause it is always the way it is
we now know it's nothing
the truth is make-believe
and it will be just the way that it will be
we now know it's nothing
the truth is make-believe

say what you want to say
no one is listening anyway
the world's on fire, but at least you entertained
so we close our eyes and add fuel to the flames

even after all these years
the only thing that keeps me here
is gravity, depravity, and one last chance to be
the one who's in your head, in your face,
between your legs, between the seeds
the one who takes you, awakes you,
and makes you see
Track Name: Down Here
down here it makes no difference
logic only gets you so far
down here we take turns being wicked
like iron fists in velvet gloves

i wish it wasn't so complicated

might be the day
everything could change
we hope to be saved
from the hell we create

it comes together painfully slow
down here there's so much resistance
down here we'll push
and they will pull
down here we call this existence

might be the day
everything could change
we hope to be saved
from the hell we create

i can't believe we've made it this far
but that could change at any moment
i can't believe that it's been so hard
but that could change at any moment
Track Name: Tell
i just have to remember
to tell myself
things will get better
i tell myself

a million times
i tell myself
i tell myself
i tell myself

don't try to tell me
i used to believe
Track Name: The World Behind the World
Sam Richards, Phd.

doesn't matter
there's no place for you

we don't think about that
because if we think about that
then we have to question everything
and if we start to question everything
then this entire thing called the United States of America
the land of the free
the home of the brave
has to be called into question
and you can't do that

because if we call that into question
then we have to call everything into question
including who we are and what we are and why we exist

then this whole thing is subject to question
and then, the wheels don't go round and round and round and round
and if we have to think about this, then life gets a little bit uncomfortable
Track Name: Independence Day
i live in the shadows of cleptocrats
and brothels on pennsylvania ave.
with children of the leviathan
out for blood, whatever it takes to win

so let's face it
many don't mind another whitewash
'cause they sure love the hegemony
paying lip service to justice
through symbols and through pageantry

we can move forward, we can escape
i remember on independence day
we can move backwards, repeat the mistakes
the choices we made on independence day

we perpetuate the legacy
of empire and of tyranny
if children of the leviathan
are blinded by the womb they're nourished in

so let's face it
no longer can we export injustice
and call it national security
so we must fight for independence
from illusions of democracy
Track Name: Bullet
it felt like a bright idea at the time
i guess it always feels that way
i knew it would be soon, or sooner or later
i didn't think it'd be today

you put me away
i gave you the bullet
you put me away
i gave you the bullet
that put me away...

we are just like strung-out crackwhores
the only difference is the drug we crave
i was about to light myself on fire
but then love got in the way

but you put me away
i gave you the bullet
you put me away
i gave you the bullet
that put me away...

don't be surprised by the blowback
all those guns and bombs you've sold
to distant lands for proxy wars
what was it all for?