The World Behind the World

from by Mindless Faith



Sam Richards, Phd.

doesn't matter
there's no place for you

we don't think about that
because if we think about that
then we have to question everything
and if we start to question everything
then this entire thing called the United States of America
the land of the free
the home of the brave
has to be called into question
and you can't do that

because if we call that into question
then we have to call everything into question
including who we are and what we are and why we exist

then this whole thing is subject to question
and then, the wheels don't go round and round and round and round
and if we have to think about this, then life gets a little bit uncomfortable


from Medication for the Misinformed, released October 16, 2007
J. Sevanick - syn
C. Sevanick - syn
Sam Richards - voice



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