Just Defy

by Mindless Faith

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On their 5th album, "Just Defy", Mindless Faith continue to deliver a lethal dose of aggressive industrial anthems, ferocious, commanding vocals over crushing beats, awash with distorted synths and laced with overwhelming guitar riffs. Revolting against the all-too-common generic electronic sound, the band breaks new ground by including nightmarish psychedelics, outlandish ambient passages and brooding acoustic elements that showcase their diverse musical ability and adds to their genre-defying style.


released January 1, 2012

Written, produced, mixed & mastered by Chris (Exeris) and Jason Sevanick.
Recorded between November 2010 and December 2011 in Baltimore, MD.
THE THIRST: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums, Exeris - syn/drums, MindCage - gtr, Paul Green - lyrics | LOVE IS A DIRTY WORD: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums, Exeris - syn/drums, Paul - lyrics/violin | NEXT TO LAST: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, Monica Durant - vox | OVER THE FENCE: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn/lyrics, MindCage - gtr, Paul - lyrics, Monica - vox | CORPORATI$M: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn/lyrics, Paul - lyrics | NO SAINTS ALLOWED: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, Paul - lyrics/violin | MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION: Jason - vox/syn/bass gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, MindCage - gtr | INDISCRIMINATE FORCE: Jason - gtr/drums, Exeris - syn | YOU DON'T KNOW...: Jason - vox/syn/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, MindCage -gtr | UNDONE: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, Paul - lyrics, Monica - vox | VULTURES: Jason - vox/syn/gtr/drums/lyrics, Exeris - syn, MindCage - gtr

*Original version of Vultures appears on the album Manifest Destiny.

Graphic design by Exeris, except cover image by Valentine.

A very special thanks goes to the following (in no particular order):
Rene Brugmans, Cybercase/DJ XXX, Chris Kristof, Jane's Addiction, EMI, DSBP, Storming the Base, Dependent Records, Front Line Assembly, Unit 187, Velvet Acid Christ, Stars & the Sea,Tricia & all at Bar Sinister, Side-Line, Xris SMack, Michael Poggenburg, Skipp Frazier, Jon Yaqub, Bootsy, Ilker Yucel/Regen Mag, Grave Concerns, DJ Neska, Dark Angel & all at Elektroschock, Umbris, DJ Ras DNA, Deep6, Bound, Punk Steve, END: the DJ, Jet/Vampire Freaks, Dark Nation Radio, Bailey Glasscock, DJ Blackwidow, Jackie Wells & all at Fallout, Avi Berkovitch, DJ Hardwired, Dj Richard Reich, Denny Daniel, Alex Asselin & Mark Hernandez, DJ Ian Ford, DJ Hiem, DJ-Chuck_G, Erik Furman, XES, Natalie Hope, ContemptNY, Daskreestof, Melanie and Sharon, Angel Morales, Yluko, Jordan Harris, Lesley, Lisa Prichard Wiscombe, Brian & Cassie Stahl, and all the fans who have supported us over the years.



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Track Name: The Thirst
She’s lashed to the mast
And me to the helm
I’m screaming prayers and curses
She looks underwhelmed
Her mouth is dry with thirst
She’ll drink until she bursts… with heroin

We used to build castles
Into the sky
Towers of beauty
With basements to hide
But now when I look into her face
I see that great city laid to waste… by heroin

I cannot quench her thrist
Tomorrow will just be worse

She whispers regrets
For all my decisions
Wild things turned to house pets
Of empty religion
She was swimming when we met
Now we’re dying in the net… of heroin

I used to be so
Impressed with her lies
Inner demons’ manifestos
Calling others to rise
But now when I look into her eyes
All I see is her disguise… for heroin

I cannot quench her thrist
Tomorrow will just be worse

When I look into her face
When I look into her eyes
When I look into her face
All I see is her disguise
Track Name: Love is a Dirty Word
Not shit, not fuck
Not cock, or suck
Love is a dirty word

Not hot, but cold
Not bought, but sold
Love is a dirty word

Not damn, not slut
Not prick, or cunt
Love is a dirty word

Not learned, but taught
Not found, but caught
Love is a dirty word

It will burn your heart
And piss on the ashes
The deadliest drug of the masses

Not fag, not whore
Not raw, but sore
Love is a dirty word

Not gold, but rust
Not young, but dust
Love is a dirty word
Track Name: Next to Last
The next fad will be as lame as the last
The next big name will be more of the same
The next tech craze blown out of proportion
The next time around, but without the shame

The next good idea will be snuffed out
Or co-opted and then metastasize
The next best thing will be unsatisfying
The next generation will be victimized

The last will be the first
The first will be last (or)
The last will be left behind
The first will just laugh

The last dance will be probably slow and awkward
The last dollar will have little worth
The last laugh will probably sound like a cyclone
The last resort for a stoic earth

The last chance will feel for real like a bother
The last hurrah, an arrhythmic pace
The last page won't have words, just scribbles
The last telecast will just be a waste

The hype is all you need to buy

Whatever's next,
Whatever's left,
Whatever's last,
Each time will pass
Track Name: Over The Fence
Say what you want about the government
It’s all the same to me
My two cents are spent
And I know where they went
Down the toilet and over the fence

Say what you want about the politics
It’s all the same to me
My views all resent
How my taxes get spent
On your wars off over the fence

If I said "Rise!"
We would fall
If I said "Run!"
We'd hit the wall

Say what you want about the enemy
It’s all the same to me
Some day we’ll repent
For the things that got bent
And left burning over the fence

Say what you want about the economy
It's all the same to me
Can't make the rent
GDP won't relent,
Another fistfuck without our consent

If I said "Fight!"
We'd get caught
If I said "Live!"
You'd say "For what?"

When the lies are convenient
They are sold as truth
Thieves keep winning, so what's the use
Exploit the masses, steal for themselves
Destroying everyone that needs the help
A losing battle, and I'm losing hope
We give them money, they just give us rope
The time has come, occupy and win
No more blood for oil, no more giving in
My two cents are spent
Over the fence
Track Name: Corporati$m
I'm a wall street criminal
I got gold man sacks
Just a thief
Robbin' u to the max

I'm government sanctioned
And government backed
The dice are loaded
The deck is stacked

Misery is money
And business is booming
Lottery for losers
The axes are looming

Depression is dollars
And pity is pennies
A market for suckers
The bookies are winning

Still selling free trade
As the path to salvation
A shellgame enshrined
Through corrupt legislation
Our long term loss
For their short term gain
You can have hope
But don't expect a change

We lost it all
But who gives a shit
Stupid Americans
Still give us a gift

Don't pay no tax
On my free trillion fifty
My friends at the SEC
Yeah, they got me

Still haven't caught on
To what this is
We loan it back
Now we're back in biz

Scam you once
Maybe bad luck
But every decade
You're stupid fucks

Somewhere out there Malthus is smiling
As we lay waste to resources through all our coniving
Over-indulge in consumer yearnings
Life is more than quarterly earnings

A ponzi scheme
Casualties of commerce
Another bubble is growing
Every breath makes it worse

Capitols are corrupt
And the brokers are breaking
Equity is envy
You give what they're taking

Too big to fail?
Too corrupt to care
End corporate welfare
Track Name: No Saints Allowed
No saints allowed in the peep show
No saints allowed in the neon glow
No saint but me

Her halo appears when the light shines through
When you look into the peep show
It looks into you
But not me

All the things I would do for her
On her... to her stuff
All the things she'd cry out to me
On me... about her stuff

This place is depressing
Last New Years the poor girl just cried all night long
Life's hard all round I’m guessing
Whether buried alive or pulling cash from a thong

Nadine gives a wink
Ginding up and down on a poll
My heart starts to sink
I spent my last dollar an hour ago

No saints allowed to burn a bridge like me
No saints allowed to breathe in her heat
No saints but me

You call it "a stain"
I call it "another satisfied customer"
Track Name: Mutually Assured Destruction
I'm totally wrecked and it's starting to show
But I still have more life than most people I know
Let's skip the charades, you know I'm just a waste
Like you're the Queen of England

It's your turn to wallow and burn
It's your turn to apologize
It's your turn... filthy like me
It's your turn to be vilified

I'm a total fat fuck twat and everyone knows
I'm counting the days, but I have nowhere to go
You may have reigned, now you're circling the drain
Put on our happy faces in vain

It's your turn to wallow and burn
It's your turn to apologize
It's your turn... filthy, like me
It's your turn to be vilified

I've done the math and I know there's no hope
So maybe it's the blows to the head or the dope
Cause like an infection that's decided to stay
Your pills and your prayers will not take me away

Explicit enemies become
Implicit allies, you're mine
Zero sum, mutually assured
Destruction, and no one wins
Track Name: You Don't Know...
I ain't your bitch, so do me a favor
Keep your mouth shut, you don't know shit
Always dance on the edge of a razor
This time you've gone too far

You know we see right through your lies
But you forget
You don't know shit
You want to have me on a string
Like your plaything
You don't know shit
Acting like wolves, but you are sheep
Your friends are thieves
You don't know shit
You're searching for love in reverse
But it won't work
You don't know...

I'm not your piss-boy, so shake it off later
Tape your mouth shut, it seeps out shit
Indulge your sins and pimp out your saviour
This time you've gone too far

Everybody knows that you lied
They know what you've done
Track Name: Undone
Place by place
I'm leaving
Not looking back
Nothing to see
Nowhere I've been

Taste by taste
I'm chewing
An empty mouth
A useless hole
Where a voice used to be

Hate by hate, confusing
All I am
With what I’m not
with what I am

Face by face
I’m losing everyone
A useless heart
Where love used to be

I might be forgiven
I might be forgotten
For what I've done
And left undone

And left undone...
Track Name: Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix)
There's no right
There is no wrong
Just different way to come undone
Along the way to deviation
Anticipating oblivion
Hold me back
Just let me go
You know I can't take much more
All this time spent grinding teeth and
All this time spent keeping score

Vultures are out tonight
They've got their hidden agendas
But we can't relax
No we can't surrender

Rememeber when we jumped off a bridge
You learned to fly
I slept with the fish
Now your head is in the clouds
Out of touch just like you wished

Entrenched in commerce
And Holywood flare
Brought down by vultures
'Cause no one cares